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A domain name is like a street address on the world wide web. Just like in this space, if you want to find stuff in a city you usually go to an address - a street name and number, a building name, a business name - the place where the "stuff" is stored.

It's the same with the internet. If you know where the stuff is store that you're interested in you go straight there - to for example. If you know what you want, but don't know where to find it, you would probably use one of the internet search engines to find suggestions on what you're interested in finding. These search engines usually give you lists of web sites or internet addresses, where you will find what you're looking for.

A web site is a great way of distributing information quickly to your customers, club members, family and friends. You can educate your visitors about your service or business, provide product support and keep in contact with your customers - this capability is available to you all day, every day at a fraction of the cost of traditional print media.

With over one third of the world's population with access to the internet it makes sense to take advantage of this medium to bring your business and services to their attention. And it doesn’t stop there. Once your business is on-line you are reaching potential customers locally, throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

And how can DomainLeasehold help me ?

DomainLeasehold provide several services to make your internet presence happen easily, and at a great price.

DomainLeasehold do all of the heavy lifting to save you time, effort and money - you are up and running with your message to the world at a fraction of the cost of a basic advertisement in a traditional trade or association magazine.