This is, your one stop solution for domain management supporting your internet strategy.

DomainLeasehold provides domain access, tech support, consultancy and training to small and medium business and organisations building their on-line presence.

A web site crosses geographical boundaries - for you working in the commercial world it may reaching people from literally all over the world. And you are not only reaching customers but also sharing information with your suppliers and attracting business opportunities with potential suppliers.

If your audience is in support or services a web site is a repository for information about your activity or a way to promote ideas or lifestyle. A web site can cross time boundaries also by preserving your family or organisational social activities in digital form for future generations.

All of this information storage, selection, retrieval requires an infrastructure and expertise in navigating this infrastructure. This is where exists - that space between your information and the digital landscape people travel to find your services and products.

Technology is continually evolving, providing more connectivity and opportunities for interaction in new ways. make it easy for you to take advantage of this connectivity and give you space to concentrate on what you do best - delivering services and products to your customers and community. 

That journey starts with a domain name. If you need more information, please contact us.

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