Domain Name Sales and Leasing


With you have the option of acquiring a quality internet domain name without paying exorbitant prices. If this is your first time to trial your business idea or service on-line, you can lease one of our pre-designed domains at reasonable rates with the option of purchasing the rights to the domain name at the end of the first year leasing.

For added peace of mind we can offer the transaction to occur via, or any other escrow service you wish to nominate. Please note that escrow fees will apply in these instances.

With every domain name registered or leased from you get:


  • Free forwarding of your domain name
  • Free parking of the domain name
  • Free DNS changes
  • Free domain contacts maintenance

When computers are used  to communicate via the internet they don’t use the “human readable” internet place names we are all used to visiting (.com, .net etc), but instead they use a series of logical numbers to uniquely identify every computer connected to the network. This complicated addressing is necessary to allow reliable communication between machines using the internet – the worldwide network.

To make it easy for humans to locate information on the internet, these machine readable addresses have an associated human readable name called a “domain name”. An international addressing system - the Domain Name System - was devised to ensure that any internet connected device could be found.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, (ICANN), was created in 1998 in response to a policy statement issued by the US Department of Commerce calling for the regulation of the internet addressing system. ICANN is a nonprofit private organisation tasked with IP address allocation, domain name system management and internet root server system management. There are other internet domain regulation authorities worldwide - for example the IEDR administers the Irish .ie domain name space.

These domain regulators are responsible for the allocation and registration process for domain names and various annual fees apply in this process. There are currently over 300 million registered top level domain names so the chances are a domain name describing your business or organisation is already registered by some one else.